3 methods to download Windows 11 ISO file

windows 11 download
Windows 11 is the latest Windows OS from Microsoft, it is now officially available on the Microsoft website. You can get Windows 11 as a free upgrade by updating your Windows 10 PC. However, that may not always be the best option. At times, its best to install an OS through a bootable USB, for which you need to have access to the ISO file of that OS. You would need this even to repair a copy of the OS. Here we have listed 3 methods using which you would be able to download the ISO file for Windows 11, you can follow any one of them to download the same on your PC.

1. From the Microsoft website

Since Windows 11 is now officially available through the Microsoft website, you can download it directly from there. No need to go over to a 3rd party website like UUPDump.

a. Go to the below link to download the Windows 11 ISO file

Download Windows 11 ISO

b. Scroll down to the Download Windows 11 Disk Image (ISO) section, select Windows 11 from the Select download dropdown, and then click on the Download button
windows 11 iso download
c. This will open up the Select the product language section that was not visible till now. In this section, choose the language for Windows 11 from the "Choose one" dropdown and click on Confirm
windows 11 download iso
d. Now, it will show a new section called Download where you would see a button that says "64-bit Download", click on it to download the Windows 11 ISO file
download windows 11 iso

2. Using Windows 11 Media Creation Tool

Like Windows 10, Microsoft has made the Media Creation Tool available for Windows 11 too! You can use it for creating bootable USB/DVD of Windows 11 along with downloading the Windows 11 ISO file.

a. Head over to the download page for Windows 11 Media Creation Tool from the below link

Download Windows 11 ISO

b. This time scroll down and look for the section called Create Windows 11 Installation Media. In this section there would be a button called Download now, click on it to download the Windows 11 Media Creation Tool
microsoft windows 11 download
c. Once downloaded, double click on the EXE file to start the program. Once started, it will show you a license agreement, click on the Accept button to continue
windows 11 iso file download
d. Next, you'll get the options for the Edition and Language for Windows 11 that you are about to download, press Next to continue. Unless you want to download a different Edition or an ISO for a different language, in which case, uncheck the recommended settings checkbox on this window, make the required changes, and then click on Next
iso windows 11
e. Now you'll get 2 options, choose the one that says ISO file and click the Next button
windows 11 download and install
f. This will give you the option to save the Windows 11 ISO file on your PC
windows 11 download 64 bit
g. Once saved, the tool will ask you whether you would like to burn the ISO file to a DVD or USB. Click on the Finish button to exit the program
windows 11 iso direct download link

3. Using the Microsoft Windows and Office ISO Download Tool

This is a very versatile 3rd party tool from Heidoc that will let you download the ISO files for various version and edition of Windows, and Microsoft Office. Along with that, it will also let you download the ISO files for Windows Admin Center, and Microsoft Expression.

a. Download the tool by going over to the Heidoc website's download page or by clicking on the below link

Download Microsoft Windows and Office ISO Download Tool

b. Once downloaded, double click on it's EXE file to fire up the utility. Just like the Windows 11 Media Creation Tool, this too doesn't need to be installed
windows 11 torrent
c. On the main window, click on the option which says Windows 10 (Windows 11 does not have a separate option as of now, however, they will be releasing a new version soon), select the Windows 11 edition from the Edition dropdown, and then click the Confirm button
windows 11 free download
d. Next, select the product language from the new dropdown that appears and click on the Confirm button next to this new dropdown
windows 11 iso download 32 bit and 64 bit
e. Once done, you will get a button to download the ISO file for 64-bit version of Windows 11. Click on it to download the file and save it on your PC
windows 11 download microsoft
You need to remember that you do not need to have a Windows PC to follow some of these methods, you can follow them on a Linux PC, or even a Mac. All you would need to a browser, and a good internet connection. So, in case you need to repair your Windows 11 PC but you do not have access to another one, you can use any other PC or Mac to download the Windows 11 ISO file and create a bootable USB using the same.

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