5 tools to create Sitemap for Blogger blogs

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One of the few basic things that you must do right after you create your blog (irrespective of what platform your blog is on, be it self-hosted WordPress, Blogger, or any other) is to submit the sitemap for the same on to various search engines for them to be able to crawl your blog easily.

When it comes to self-hosted WordPress blogs, this becomes really easy since WordPress has a plugin for almost everything, and for this they have Yoast. However, you are in a bit of a pickle if you have created your blog on Blogger platform. But don't be disappointed, because here are 5 tools to create a sitemap for your Blogger blog which you can then submit to search engines like Google and Bing.

1. The native sitemap.xml file for Blogger

This is a no-frills attached sitemap automatically created by Blogger. It is exactly what it says it is, an XML sitemap. Earlier, Blogger used to have an Atom-based sitemap, off late it has chosen XML over Atom. Here's how you can access it at the below URL, make sure to replace with the URL of your own Blogger blog:

2. Free sitemap generated by XML-Sitemaps

This is an online service that creates free XML sitemaps. You do not need to register, you can download the sitemap once it has been created, or even send it to yourself via email. This service is suitable for smaller blogs with less than 500 pages. You can include extra information to your sitemap for the benefit of the crawlers including Page last modification, and Page priority attributes, which was not possible with Blogger's default sitemap. However, you need to host the sitemap created by this service somewhere. Also, you need to update it everytime you update your blog since it is not auto-maintained by XML-Sitemaps.

a. Go over to the XML-Sitemaps using the below link

b. Type in your Blogger blog URL there, and click on Start
create sitemap
c. This should create the XML-based sitemap for your Blogger blog in no time at all. Once done, you can download the sitemap, upload it at a hosting site, and submit it through Google Search Console or Bing Websmaster Tools

3. Using PRO Sitemaps

Although the name says that this is a "Pro" service, you can still use it for free, albeit some limitations. PRO Sitemaps does overcome one of the major shortcomings of XML-Sitemaps since the sitemap itself is hosted on PRO Sitemap's servers. But, it still does not gets auto-updated, for that you need to paid version.

a. Go over to PRO Sitemap's website at the below URL

b. Provide your email address, and the URL to your Blogger blog, check the license agreement checkbox, and then click on Create Free Account button
free sitemap generator
c. This should create a free account for you, along with the sitemap for your Blogger blog. They will provide you a separate URL for your XML sitemap, and detailed instructions on how you can submit this generated sitemap to Google Search Console and Bing Webmaster Tools

4. Amit Agarwal's Blogger Sitemap Generator tool

Amit Agarwal is the brain behind Digital Inspiration, one of the best tech (if not "the best") blogs in India. This tool creates a detailed sitemap for your Blogger blog, then they provide you detailed instructions on how you can customize the robots.txt of your Blogger blog to accommodate this sitemap. Also, unlike the Blogger generated sitemap which shows only the most recent posts, this sitemap can be used to instruct the crawlers through the robots.txt file to crawl as many posts as you have on your Blogger blog.

a. Head over to the Sitemap Generator tool webpage on the Digital Inspiration website

b. Enter the link to your Blogger blog and click on Generate Sitemap
google sitemap generator
c. Now, follow the instructions given on the below page to update the custom robots.txt file for your Blogger blog

5. Sitemap Generator Tool from Unemployed Techie

This is a simple tool that is suitable for all Blogger blogs irrespective of the number of posts they have. Using it is pretty simple too, no hosting required, and it is auto-updated, so zero maintenance required.

a. Go to the below link, copy/paste the code into a Notepad (not Wordpad, or MS Word)

b. Change the code to replace "" with the URL of your Blogger blog

c. This step needs to be performed quickly, so read it completely and only then attempt to execute it. Create a page on your Blogger blog (yes, a page, and not a post), name it Sitemap, then copy paste the modified code in the content part of the page, and then publish the page d. That's it, once you open this page, you'll see a beautiful sitemap has been generated for your Blogger blog. You can then submit this page's link to Google Search Console and Bing Webmaster Tool as the sitemap for your blog. Now wasn't that simple!

If you ask for my personal opinion, I would suggest you to use the Sitemap Generator Tool from Unemployed Techie. It is auto-updated, doesn't cost a dime, and is easy to implement. However, if you do not want to create a separate sitemap page on your Blogger blog, I would suggest you to go with Amit Agarwal's Sitemap Generator Tool. But whichever tool you choose, don't forget to share this post on Facebook or Twitter, and do subscribe to our RSS feed.

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