75 free courses for Deep Neural Networks (Deep Learning)

Deep Neural Networks, or Deep Learning, is one of the most lucrative and highest paying career fields in this post pandemic market. Once you have mastered Deep Learning, you can work on any of its specializations including NLP and Computer Vision. Also, you don't need an advanced degree to acquire a job in the field of Deep Learning, all you need is to have a clear concept about the subject, and some hands-on projects to prove your prowess in applying those concepts in real-life applications.

To help you upskill yourself in the field of Deep Neural Networks, we have compiled a gigantic list of 75 free courses. These courses ranges from the basics to more advanced topics, and are delivered by various authoritative figures in this field. The mode of delivery varies with courses including YouTube lectures, notes, books etc. However, all of them have one thing in common, all of them are absolutely free!

So, start studying, and as Prof. Geoffrey Hinton said, "Read enough so you start developing intuitions and then trust your intuitions and go for it!" Oh, did we forget to tell you, the first course in this list was delivered by Prof. Geoffrey Hinton himself. Now, isn't that something.

Sr. No.Course NameUniversity/Instructor(s)Course WebPageLecture VideosYear
1Neural Networks for Machine LearningGeoffrey Hinton, University of TorontoLecture-SlidesYouTube-Lectures2012
2Neural Networks DemystifiedStephen Welch, Welch LabsSuppl. CodeYouTube-Lectures2014
3Deep Learning at OxfordNando de Freitas, Oxford UniversityOxford-MLYouTube-Lectures2015
4Deep Learning for PerceptionDhruv Batra, Virginia TechECE-6504YouTube-Lectures2015
5Deep LearningAli Ghodsi, University of WaterlooSTAT-946YouTube-LecturesF2015
6CS231n: CNNs for Visual RecognitionAndrej Karpathy, Stanford UniversityCS231nNone2015
7CS224d: Deep Learning for NLPRichard Socher, Stanford UniversityCS224dYouTube-Lectures2015
8Bay Area Deep LearningMany legends, StanfordNoneYouTube-Lectures2016
9CS231n: CNNs for Visual RecognitionAndrej Karpathy, Stanford UniversityCS231nYouTube-Lectures2016
(Academic Torrent)
(Academic Torrent)2017
10Neural NetworksHugo Larochelle, Université de SherbrookeNeural-NetworksYouTube-Lectures2016
(Academic Torrent)
11CS224d: Deep Learning for NLPRichard Socher, Stanford UniversityCS224dYouTube-Lectures2016
(Academic Torrent)
12CS224n: NLP with Deep LearningRichard Socher, Stanford UniversityCS224nYouTube-Lectures2017
13CS231n: CNNs for Visual RecognitionJustin Johnson, Stanford UniversityCS231nYouTube-Lectures2017
(Academic Torrent)
14Topics in Deep LearningRuslan Salakhutdinov, CMU10707NoneF2017
15Deep Learning Crash CourseLeo Isikdogan, UT AustinNoneYouTube-Lectures2017
16Deep Learning and its ApplicationsFrançois Pitié, Trinity College DublinEE4C16YouTube-Lectures2017
17Deep LearningAndrew Ng, Stanford UniversityCS230YouTube-Lectures2018
18UvA Deep LearningEfstratios Gavves, University of AmsterdamUvA-DLCLecture-Videos2018
19Advanced Deep Learning and Reinforcement LearningMany legends, DeepMindNoneYouTube-Lectures2018
20Machine LearningPeter Bloem, Vrije Universiteit AmsterdamMLVUYouTube-Lectures2018
21Deep LearningFrancois Fleuret, EPFLEE-59Video-Lectures2018
22Introduction to Deep LearningAlexander Amini, Harini Suresh and others, MIT6.S191YouTube-Lectures2017- 2021
23Deep Learning for Self-Driving CarsLex Fridman, MIT6.S094YouTube-Lectures2017-2018
24Introduction to Deep LearningBhiksha Raj and many others, CMU11-485/785YouTube-LecturesS2018 - F2021
25Introduction to Deep LearningBhiksha Raj and many others, CMU11-485/785YouTube-Lectures Recitation-InclusiveF2018 - F2021
26Deep Learning SpecializationAndrew Ng, StanfordDL.AIYouTube-Lectures2017-2018
27Deep LearningAli Ghodsi, University of WaterlooSTAT-946YouTube-LecturesF2017
28Deep LearningMitesh Khapra, IIT-MadrasCS6910 (earlier CS7015)YouTube-Lectures2018
29Deep Learning for AIUPC BarcelonaDLAI-2017YouTube-Lectures2017-2018
30Deep LearningAlex Bronstein and Avi Mendelson, TechnionCS236605None2018
31MIT Deep LearningMany Researchers, Lex Fridman, MIT6.S094, 6.S091, 6.S093YouTube-Lectures2019
32Deep Learning Book companion videosIan Goodfellow and othersDL-book slidesYouTube-Lectures2017
33Theories of Deep LearningMany Legends, StanfordStats-385YouTube-Lectures (first 10 lectures)F2017 - F2019
34Neural NetworksGrant SandersonNoneYouTube-Lectures2017-2018
35CS230: Deep LearningAndrew Ng, Kian Katanforoosh, StanfordCS230YouTube-LecturesA2018
36Theory of Deep LearningLots of Legends, Canary IslandsDALI'18YouTube-Lectures2018
37Introduction to Deep LearningAlex Smola, UC BerkeleyStat-157YouTube-LecturesS2019
38Deep Unsupervised LearningPieter Abbeel, UC BerkeleyCS294-158YouTube-LecturesS2019
39Machine LearningPeter Bloem, Vrije Universiteit AmsterdamMLVUYouTube-Lectures2019
40Deep Learning on Computational AcceleratorsAlex Bronstein and Avi Mendelson, TechnionCS236605YouTube-LecturesS2019
41Introduction to Deep LearningBhiksha Raj and many others, CMU11-785YouTube-LecturesS2019
42Introduction to Deep LearningBhiksha Raj and many others, CMU11-785YouTube-LecturesF2019
43UvA Deep LearningEfstratios Gavves, University of AmsterdamUvA-DLCLecture-VideosS2019
44Deep LearningPrabir Kumar Biswas, IIT KgpNoneYouTube-Lectures2019
45Deep Learning and its ApplicationsAditya Nigam, IIT MandiCS-671YouTube-Lectures2019
46Neural NetworksNeil Rhodes, Harvey Mudd CollegeCS-152YouTube-LecturesF2019
47Deep LearningThomas Hofmann, ETH ZürichDAL-DLLecture-VideosF2019
48Deep LearningMilan Straka, Charles UniversityNPFL114Lecture-VideosS2019
49UvA Deep LearningEfstratios Gavves, University of AmsterdamUvA-DLC-19Lecture-VideosF2019
50Artificial Intelligence: Principles and TechniquesPercy Liang and Dorsa Sadigh, Stanford UniversityCS221YouTube-LecturesF2019
51Analyses of Deep LearningLots of Legends, Stanford UniversitySTATS-385YouTube-Lectures2017-2019
52Deep Learning Foundations and ApplicationsDebdoot Sheet and Sudeshna Sarkar, IIT-KgpAI61002YouTube-LecturesS2020
53Designing, Visualizing, and Understanding Deep Neural NetworksJohn Canny, UC BerkeleyCS 182/282AYouTube-LecturesS2020
54Deep LearningYann LeCun and Alfredo Canziani, NYUDS-GA 1008YouTube-LecturesS2020
55Introduction to Deep LearningBhiksha Raj, CMU11-785YouTube-LecturesS2020
56Deep Unsupervised LearningPieter Abbeel, UC BerkeleyCS294-158YouTube-LecturesS2020
57Machine LearningPeter Bloem, Vrije Universiteit AmsterdamVUMLYouTube-LecturesS2020
58Deep Learning (with PyTorch)Alfredo Canziani and Yann LeCun, NYUDS-GA 1008YouTube-LecturesS2020
59Introduction to Deep Learning and Generative ModelsSebastian Raschka, UW-MadisonStat453YouTube-LecturesS2020
60Deep LearningAndreas Maier, FAU Erlangen-NürnbergDL-2020YouTube-LecturesSS2020
61Introduction to Deep LearningLaura Leal-Taixé and Matthias Niessner, TU-MünchenI2DL-IN2346YouTube-LecturesSS2020
62Deep LearningSargur Srihari, SUNY-BuffaloCSE676YouTube-Lectures-P12020
63Deep Learning Lecture SeriesLots of Legends, DeepMind x UCL, LondonDLLS-20YouTube-Lectures2020
64MultiModal Machine LearningLouis-Philippe Morency & others, Carnegie Mellon University11-777 MMML-20YouTube-LecturesF2020
65Reliable and Interpretable Artificial IntelligenceMartin Vechev, ETH ZürichRIAI-20YouTube-LecturesF2020
66Fundamentals of Deep LearningDavid McAllester, Toyota Technological Institute, ChicagoTTIC-31230YouTube-LecturesF2020
67Foundations of Deep LearningSoheil Feize, University of Maryland, College ParkCMSC 828WYouTube-LecturesF2020
68Deep LearningAndreas Geiger, Universität TübingenDL-UTYouTube-LecturesW20/21
69Fundamentals of Deep LearningTerence Parr and Yannet Interian, University of San FranciscoDL-FundamentalsYouTube-LecturesS2021
70Full Stack Deep LearningPieter Abbeel, Sergey Karayev, UC BerkeleyFS-DLYouTube-LecturesS2021
71Deep Learning: Designing, Visualizing, and Understanding DNNsSergey Levine, UC BerkeleyCS 182YouTube-LecturesS2021
72Deep Learning in the Life SciencesManolis Kellis, MIT6.874YouTube-LecturesS2021
73Introduction to Deep Learning and Generative ModelsSebastian Raschka, University of Wisconsin-MadisonStat 453YouTube-LecturesS2021
74Deep LearningAlfredo Canziani and Yann LeCun, NYUNYU-DLSP21YouTube-LecturesS2021
75Applied Deep LearningAlexander Pacha, TU WienNoneYouTube-Lectures2020-2021

This list was inspired from Deep Learning Drizzle curated by Marimuthu K. We scrubbed his list, removed any link that was not working, and updated any material with the latest information. If you like this list, don't forget to fork Deep Learning Drizzle on GitHub, subscribe to our RSS feed, and Like us on Facebook. Also, if you find any discrepancies/updates regarding the materials listed here, do drop me a note using the Contact Us page.

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