Enable Windows 11-style menu on Chrome

google chrome flags
With it's latest update, Google Chrome has introduced Windows 11-style menus on Chrome version 96. Here's how you can enable it on your own browser.

1. Ensure that you have Chrome 96. Click on the 3 vertical ellipses at the top right side of your Google Chrome browser to open the menu, then click on Help, and About Google Chrome. If you see Google Chrome updating then let it complete the process, you may have to relaunch Google Chrome once it's done. Check if Google Chrome has version number above 96
enable windows 11 menu on chrome
2. Now, type "chrome://flags" (without the quotes) in the address bar of Google Chrome and hit enter

3. On the top, where it's written Search flags, type "windows 11" (without the quotes, ofcourse). You'll see an entry for Windows 11 Style Menus, click on the dropdown beside it and select Enabled. You may have to relaunch Google Chrome once again
windows 11 style menu on google chrome
Now you'll have Windows 11-style menus on your Google Chrome browser, even if you are not on Windows 11!

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